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Tour Operator: Radius Tours 3h 30m Travel method:   Walking Region / Starts from: Bavaria (München)

Bavarian Beer Tour

Discover the "beer city" Munich

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Adults (Ages 16+) 62€
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3 hours and 30 minutes


Germany and above all Bavaria is known worldwide for its good beers. The centre of German beer is, of course, the capital of Bavaria: Munich. The Bavarian beer culture in Munich is world-famous not only because of the Munich Oktoberfest. In Munich and the surrounding area there are traditional breweries, beer gardens, beer halls, beer cellars and of course lots of delicious beer.

On the Munich Beer Tour you will experience Munich from a very special side. Together we will follow the traces of the history and culture of beer in Munich, Bavaria and Germany. On the Munich Beer Tour we will show you the more than 3000 year old history of beer in Bavaria, lead you to the centre of Munich's beer culture and show you where the locals drink beer and tell you their secrets.

Our Munich Beer Tour offers you:

  • Interesting insights into the beer capital of the world
  • Tastings of different beer types and traditional food
  • Fully guided Beer Tour with English speaking staff
  • Private tour through the Oktoberfest Museum
  • Visit to the famous Hofbräuhaus

Munich Beer Tour with many interesting stories, information and insights

On the Munich Beer Tour you will learn from our English-speaking staff how beer is brewed. On this Bavarian Beer Tour through Munich, our guides will give you lots of information and insights into the brewing industry in Germany and Bavaria. You want to know everything about beer? Then the Munich Beer Tour is just right for you. But the interesting information is certainly not the end of the story. What would a Munich Beer Tour be without beer? Of course you can also drink beer on our Bavarian Beer Tour. Beer tasting is part of our Tour in Munich: At the various stations you will get tasty samples of different types of beer and typical Bavarian food.

Enjoy on the Munich Beer Tour delicious beer and Bavarian food combined with interesting information about the history and culture of beer in Germany. Bavaria has a long history of beer culture: from the ancient brew-women to the monk breweries in the Middle Ages to the famous Reinheitsgebot (Purity Law) of 1516. German beer sets the standards for the quality and taste of beer. On the Munich Beer Tour we show you why Munich is the centre of German beer culture.

The Munich Beer Tour by Radius Tours

With the Munich Beer Tour by Radius Tours you get a highly interesting tour through Munich with lots of exciting information about the history, culture and production of beer. We show you what different kinds of beer there are and you can try many different beers and Bavarian delicacies. Together we visit the Oktoberfest Museum with beer tasting, show you a traditional Munich beer garden and visit the famous Hofbräuhaus. Dive into the world of beer with us on the Munich Beer Tour.

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