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More than Viktualienmarkt Food Tour

Taste Beyond the Classics


3 Hours and 30 minutes


Munich, the home of authentic and traditional German cuisine. This is Germany's culinary capital. Classic hearty dishes, fatty spreads, exquisite homemade cakes and the home of the beer hall - this is Munich, and you are going to dive into the tastes and flavours of this rich food culture on our More Than A Viktualienmarkt Tour.

The capital of Bavaria and the third largest city in Germany, Munich is home to Germany’s most famous football club Bayern Munich, and the city holds a unique place in Germany’s colourful history. Learn more about the secrets of the city, as we paint a picture of its history and culture through its food.

A Munich Food Tour that goes beyond the classics...

At Fork & Walk Tours, we pride ourselves on providing our guests with a range of taste experiences, such as traditional items like sausages, beer and fresh baked goods, as well as the new direction of Munich gastronomy - its growing coffee scene and funky cafes dishing up a delicious version of our favourites.

Starting from the famous Viktualienmarkt Food Market, we take you on a food adventure through its renowned dishes, tasting famous and unique meats, while uncovering some truly unusual flavours at a fusion ice cream stand.

Leaving the market behind we head to the side-streets of Munich to go deeper into its neighbourhoods by foot. We take to a Bavarian-Franconian restaurant from the 17th-century brick vault, with rich, hearty fare & beer garden.

Feeling full and overly-indulgent, we reveal Munich’s boutique shopping side-streets (which we are certain some of you might want to note to revisit), before we finish off with magnificent Viennese-style dining on classic cakes and tea to digest the earlier food entourage.

The Food

Schmalznudel - handmade & fried right in front of your eyes
Leberkäse in bread
Mystery sausage - you will have to wait and taste
Fusion ice cream
Bavarian Knödel
Local beer
Viennese cakes
Tea & Coffee

The History

Viktualienmarkt - Munich’s famous food market
Jewish Quarter and former Synagogue
Neighbourhood history

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